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Singapore Metal & Machinery Association was established since 1935, up till today, there are 330 members.

Our Association premises is a three storey shophouse, located at 7A, Jalan Kubor.

The activities of our Association are as follows:

  1. To foster friendly relations between local and overseas trade Associations, trips are organized to attend various overseas events of related trade Associations. This is to strengthen connections and business exchange, to allow for better trade opportunities.
  2. To promote the spirit of mutal help and friendly relations, Annual Golf Tournaments are organized, inviting participation of members and representatives from relation trade industry, thus allowing for new connections.
  3. To organize seminiars and dialogue sessions, to allow for better understanding of certain issues, to move on with the progress of the society.
  4. To reflect the opinions of different business issues, we establish tight rapport with Government Officials so that dialogue sessions can be held to resolve them.
  5. To encourage completion of further studies, annual scholarships and bursaries are being awarded to the children of members' and their staff, so as to become future elites of our nation.
  6. To organize charity events, encouraging contributions from our Association for those in need. To provide for victims of natural disasters and human calamities.
  7. To reach out to the world, to post particulars of all members in our official website, to create endless business opportunities.


Singapore Metal & Machinery Association
is located at: 7A, Jalan Kubor, Singapore 199205

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Tel: (65) 6294 1604 , 6297 5636
Fax: (65) 6294 1891