SMMA Objectives & Activities

1.To promote friendly relationship among members.
2.To exchange knowledge and to compare notes.
3.To foster the spirit of mutual help.

1.To organise trade-missions to visit foreign countries,thereby elevating economic
co-operation and business interchange.
2.To organise talks and seminars to keep up with the changing world.
3.To have dialogues with the Government Officials as and when required.
4.To hold discussion-meetings regularly with the Six Trade Associations.
5.To conduct friendly annual golf tournaments.
6.To conduct a Well-Wishing Gathering on every Lunar New Year's Day.
7.To award scholarships and bursaries annually to the children of needy members or members' staff, to enable them to complete their studies.
8.To help members expand their businesses through the Association's media facilities and the Internet.


Singapore Metal & Machinery Association
is located at: 7A, Jalan Kubor, Singapore 199205

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