SMMA President's Message

The Singapore Metal & Machinery Association has been established since 1935. Since its formation, it has been playing the part of fostering the social and economic development of our country, thus becoming an important and influential trade-association in Singapore. The Association currently has about 300 members whose businesses cover practically all aspects of the hardware trade. For this reason, it has contributed enormously to the fast and steady expansion of our country's economy.

In addition to strengthening members' co-operation and promoting collective partaking of benefits, our Association also assists members to obtain new business connections. Trade-missions are organised to visit different countries to explore new markets in the region and to promote co-operation between local and foreign Hardware Associations, so that our members can regionalise and globalise their businesses.

As we enter into the 21st Century, the world economy is undergoing drastic changes. Following the popularisation of the electronics industry and the formidable advance of the media technology, our ways of doing business will have to be likewise changed. We have to adapt to all these transitions if we are to keep up with time and to prosper again. For this reason, we have set up a website for our Association and incorporating the business particulars of all our members, thus helping our members to expand their businesses world-wide.

In this new era, there are new opportunities and new challenges. The advancement of the Singapore Metal & Machinery Association has been due to the selfless dedications of many committee members throughout the years. It has also been due to the strong support of all our members and valuable inputs given by our friends in the business community .

The successful establishment of our Association website is due in no small part to the care and efforts given by all our members.Our Association is confident that we can still achieve many more peaks under the new economic situation.Let us, fellow-Members, move forwards hand-in-hand, towards another new mile-stone!



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